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Location Analytics. Is there a practical application for beacon technology in your business?

Location based information have been a hot topic around the office and as a result we have spent a lot of time digging into the details of location based technology and analytics. We are always driven to look for new ways to collect information so we can measure and manage different aspects of our business, and beacon technology is just one more tool in our arsenal.

What is a beacon and why would I want to use it in my business?

Beacon technology is a low powered…

The IT landscape is changing, are you innovating your business model to change with it?

Cloud computing, mobility are changing how we plan, manage and use information technology. Are you adapting and innovating your business model to take advantage of these trends?

Lexcom's Initiative to Improve Infrastructure Asset Management in Rural Communities

Our municipalities are in a tough position when it comes to manging the infrastructure we rely on in our every day lives. Many people do not realize this, but many communities are significantly under funded and the investments we made in infrastructure from the 50's and 60's are starting to be in serious need of repair. Our community planners are now challenged in making decisions to ensure that the infrastructure that we rely on every day is available for us to use with very little money.