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Our municipalities are in a tough position when it comes to manging the infrastructure we rely on in our every day lives. Many people do not realize this, but many communities are significantly under funded and the investments we made in infrastructure from the 50's and 60's are starting to be in serious need of repair. Our community planners are now challenged in making decisions to ensure that the infrastructure that we rely on every day is available for us to use with very little money.

While many Cities have started down the asset maangement path many years ago and with significant budgets to work with, have the means to pull together a strategy over the course of a few years. Unlike cities, rural communities simply do not have the budget to invest in IT they way a city can. Many of them are still managing their assets with paper and pen and are simply reacting to problems as they come up. Knowledge of the towns infrastructure remains in the head of the maintenance manager who is busy putting our fires as best he can with minimal budget available to do his job correctly.

Over two years ago, Lexcom began an initiative to develop a system that would provide the tools needed to facilitate asset management for municipalities to help them gain visibility into their assets and help them plan for the future. After two years we have finally released our first tool that enables communities to survey their infrastructure assets, connect them together, document their properties and visualize them on a map, through multiple perspectives.

We have taken a different approach towards developing our software. Our process is very interactive and we are working closely with community planners, town administrators, industry associations and maintenance crews to get a real understanding of what goes on every day. Designing the specific tools that give them access to the information they need, while also integrating the data so that data collected by one group can be used by other groups. Many financial modelling tools are using the lifespan of an asset to determine when it is replaced. The reality is, that an asset under different conditions will perform differently and need to be replaced at different intervals. Applying the knowledge collected from the maintenance teams in the field to determine the health of an asset with the financial budgetting process simply makes sense. In order to do this, one needs data and the ability to analyse the data to generate infromation that can be used to make decisions. The collective power of these two things can help a municipality spend their budgets specifically where it is needed, when it is needed.

So where does a community start?

We believe that the first step for a community to start is to first understand what assets they have. Conducting a survey of their infrastructure assets, getting their assets represented in data and enabling their maintenance crews to start collecting the data needed to properly assess and determine the real health of their assets. We have an aggressive plan to get 100 communities assets mapped by the end of 2015 with 500 communities planned for 2016.

Working closely with communities we will be releasing new features, functionalty and analytics as we go taking advantage of the technology available to us at the time.

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