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 I spent the last few weeks talking with a few of my clients in Saskatchewan and heard an interesting message coming from our competitors. “Lexcom is getting out of the IT support and managed services business.”

The truth is, the IT landscape is changing and Lexcom is helping our CLIENTS mature their IT organization by helping rethink their strategy around how they approach IT altogethera far cry from getting out of the business!

Cloud computing is changing how we approach information technology altogether. As we reduce the need to build and maintain infrastructure, which has a direct impact on the number of resources we require to support and maintain it.

Restructuring our IT budgets requires us to truly define what our IT support and management needs are by defining specific policies for information technology and the necessary controls to measure and manage them. Only then, can we build a managed services framework that truly aligns to the operational needs and risk tolerances of an organization.

The reality is, there really isn’t a once size fits all plan that meets organizational needs in terms of service quality, risk tolerance, and finances. As a leader in managed services, Lexcoms strategy towards Managed Services is no longer simply about managing IT infrastructure, but maturing how clients are approaching information technology. By breaking down each aspect of an organizations IT management strategy, we can help an organization tune their IT spending by balancing service quality, risk within their financial limitations, and add value. Once we eliminate wasteful spending we can help them to reallocate their IT budgets towards innovating their business models which relies more heavily on automation, new software systems, data analytics and mobility.

The IT landscape is changing, are you adapting your business model to utilize it effectively?  We can help. Let’s talk!